Following are results of the 25 Aug 01 Queen City Lake Trout Classic. I took a picture of the board showing standings, then typed the results from that picture to a table below, so there may be errors.  Joe

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25 August 2001 Queen City Lake Trout Classic

Largest 5 LakersLargest LakerSalmon
Nr.Team NameTotal Wt.PlaceWt. 5PlaceWeightPlace
1Fishing Finns27.74711.10
2Jannet Lee26.089.48
3Magic Moments21.407.34
4Bottom's Up31.7438.64
5Broads & Rods31.7529.40
6Time Off II16.113.75
7Bottom Bouncer19.384.84 Registered
8One Fish29.9248.70
9Laura's Ark26.8586.55
10Watermelon Wine25.628.30
12Polar Star19.344.95
13Him & Her26.668.20
14Double J
15Shirley's Kitchen
16Cooler Crew23.895.46
17Power Play26.369.12
19Jamar Team11.862.94
20Lucky Two29.7859.10 Registered
21Miss Emily25.986.11
22D Cup Crew18.498.61
23Capt. Crunch & Co Registered
24Chocolay River Rats Registered
25Summer Delight25.035.77
26Reel Drag          2.883
27Hide-A-Way Trolls36.94112.652
28Day Dreamers23.8613.101
29Relaxation Registered
30The Window Store          2.962
31Team Candyman          3.001
32Osprey          2.45
33Take Three Registered
34Da Chum Lords24.065.81
35High & Dry25.4511.20
36Sun Bird18.295.493
37Token Indian Registered