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Fishing Excuses

ButtonCurrents too strong

ButtonBarometer rising

ButtonWind "clocking" around

ButtonEast wind

ButtonBarometer falling.

ButtonToo calm

ButtonFish shut down just before we started

ButtonThe lake needs a good storm to stir them up.

Button Fish are not here (or they'd be hitting)

ButtonNo currents



ButtonToo windy to control boat

ButtonWrong moon phase

ButtonFish facing wrong way

ButtonTrolling wrong directions

ButtonToo many bait fish

ButtonNot enough bait fish

ButtonDidn't have right lure action

ButtonDidn't have right lure color

ButtonSingle hooks

ButtonTreble hooks

ButtonDidn't have enough time

ButtonWater too rough

ButtonSouth wind

ButtonGear not working properly

ButtonPartner not fishing seriously

ButtonTrolling motor troubles


ButtonOthers fishing our spot

ButtonLost fishing coordinates

ButtonCouldn't see landmarks

Should have fished elsewhere

ButtonNorth wind

ButtonWest wind

ButtonUpper level low (Bonehead)

ButtonHooks dull

ButtonNot watching downrigger

ButtonFish hit during nature call

ButtonShort net handle

ButtonInept netter

ButtonInept captain

ButtonShakedown trip (checking equipment out)

Button Followed another fisherman's advice

ButtonGloated about successful prior trip


ButtonBragged about last trip

ButtonNeither fishing major or minor

ButtonFish "Hitting Short"

ButtonFish "Slapping lure with their tails"

 ButtonRecent thunderstorms

ButtonNew equipment

ButtonTackle in other tackle box.

ButtonSkim ice

ButtonNet not "Dipped"

ButtonWeights Wrong Color

ButtonToo prepared - even brought cooler ice

ButtonTrolling too fast

ButtonTrolling too slow

ButtonForgot beer

ButtonDidn't remove hook protector


ButtonHigh winds push fish to bottom 

ButtonSun facing wrong way 

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