Joe's 2018 Lake Superior Fishing Report and Log Joe's boat Cooler By The Lake Welcome to my fishing web site. This is my twenty-third year of logging my Lake Superior Fishing adventures.  I synopsize most trips, generally describing my adventures, successes and other details out on the Big Pond.  My boat is appropriately named "Cooler By The Lake". I am just a plain fisherman who loves to fish Lake Superior, mostly for Lake Trout. I do not run a charter. I try to update my reports after each trip. I think of it as a log but some might say it's a BLOG, mox nix. Thank you for following us on our Lake Superior fishing journeys. Please if you have any questions or suggestions on my reports or narratives. Compliments are also welcomed. 

"Cooler By The Lake"

Marquette, Michigan

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2018 Lake Superior Fishing Log

Information on tagging. About 5 of us local fishermen participated in a Michigan DNR Lake Trout Hooking-Mortality 6-year study being conducted in Marquette (Lake Superior) beginning in 2010. This unique study determines hooking-mortality rates of lake trout to help DNR biologists evaluate whether certain size limits are having the desired management outcome. The tagging portion has ended in 2013 but data was collected on recaptured Lakers through 2015.  Click here for my highlights during the study. The study has been completed and published. I hope to post links to the complete study here soon.

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20 May 18    The past evening forecast's was for small craft warnings overnight  to be dropped at 5 a.m. Angst! So I drove to the Lake to look for my self early morning and saw more rollers than waves. So this Captain suggested we head out and if it wasn't comfortable, back home we'd go. Well, with much enthusiam, out we went into some nice 3-4' rollers, but at a decent angle and with a little trim tab down, not a bad ride.  My guests Joe Arntsen and Luke Bourdage were so pumped they didn't care about the lumps on the high seas. Out went the gear, starting at 195'. Nothing happened for the first hour then slowly action picked up.We plied depths from 160' to 235', with the best depth around 195'. After 3 hours we had 5 nice Lakers in the box and we were planning to head in shortly. Then Joe said he had something going on his rigger and sure enough, there were two Lakers on one line, a single line double as I call them. Conditions steadily improved as the wind died off and the rollers slowly decreased so sea legs were in order most of the time. Joe and Luke are ole buddies and the bantering as to who caught the biggest or did best or whatever was a lot of fun to hear. So we wrapped it up after 3 1/2 hours with 7 nice Lakers and a good time. Click on the picture to expand and use the back button to return here.

 Joe Arntsen left, Luke Bourdage

19 May 18    Well, it finally happened - Frank and I got out for our shakedown cruise and maiden voyage for the season. The wind and seas were a little dicey at the shoreline but settled the further out we went. Part of that effect is the cold water tends to dampen the colder air and slow things down. I've experienced this many times early in the season. Finally, in relatively calm conditions we set lines, the Johnson rod going down first at 192'. It wasn't 5 minutes before the first Laker, and a nice 6.5# one went in the box and I didn't even have my rigger down yet. Not long afterwards, Frank had one on. Action was fairly steady as we plied depths from 155' to 236'. We had two doubles, each double producing only one Laker but that's OK. Nearing the two hour point the winds picked up from the East, not to mention a drizzle on occasion, I suggested we bunch it and got a quick concurrence from Frank. As I reached for the Johnson rod it bent over and we boxed our sixth Laker and headed in. No major issues during our initial trip and the Lakers were a gift. Missed two Lakers but they will be there whence I go back again. Surface water was 37 and air 40. Things are looking up!

13 May 18    Seems the ice won't leave. Here are pictures I took yesterday from Hawley Street and Presque Isle Marina. Hoping for a South wind and some warmer weather. Click on pictures to expand. Use back button to return here.

30 Apr 18    Still lots of ice on the Big Pond. Looks like another week or so. This will be the latest start since 2014 when it was 4 June, again, because of ice.

5 Mar 18    Setting up the log for the coming season.



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