Joe's 2024 Lake Superior Fishing Report and Log Cooler By The LakeWelcome to my fishing website. This is my twenty-ninth year of logging my Lake Superior Fishing adventures.  I synopsize most trips, generally describing my adventures, successes and other details out on the Big Pond.  My boat is appropriately named "Cooler By The Lake". I am just a plain fisherman who loves to fish Lake Superior, mostly for Lake Trout. I do not run a charter. I try to update my reports after each trip. Thank you for following us on our Lake Superior fishing journeys. Please if you have any questions or suggestions on my reports or narratives. Compliments are also welcomed. 

"Cooler By The Lake"

Marquette, Michigan

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2024 Lake Superior Fishing Log

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11 Jun 24    Yup, it's been steady winds since last trip, 'till today. Guest Gary McDonnell and I headed out in fairly calm seas with a forecast for slowly building winds and seas. Setting lines a 160' and varying it somewhat, nothing for the first hour. Finally we got into some action at 180'. We missed a minimum of 5 fish that we saw and maybe more we didn't see. The good news is we turned into the wind as it slowly built but we still caught a few more. Then my downrigger locked up and wouldn't go up or down so I got out my backup handle and started to screw it into the reel. Suddenly, the rigger started and took the handle and threw it in the Lake. Gee! Well, I got the rigger going and we fished into the winds, now at 12mph with an occasional whitecap. We pulled the pin in a little over 3 hours with 8 nice Lakers, not too big, not too small. Gary said it was 38 at his house before he left home so the winter gear came out but slowly, a few layers were shed. Fun day!

1 Jun 24    Today turned out to be better than forecasted. That worked out well as I was taking my Grandson Cooper and his girlfriend (probably an old term) Miracle out. We didn't go far as they had later plans so we set lines at 220' and worked towards 180' We caught 2 nice Lakers in under an hour but couldn't stand prosperity. The the dead, flat seas and winds teased us to head some 8 miles to where we did so well last trip. It didn't take long for the first Laker and then a second that got off right behind the boat. Then the winds and waves appeared and quickly spun us around and made a mess of things but we didn't lose any tackle. At that point we headed home with 3 Lakers. All in all, a great time and one that Miracle probably won't forget as it was her first time on Lake Superior.

30 May 24    Redemption! Ron and I headed out in beautiful, calm seas and winds. Well, our thinking was to go where we went the last time and got skunked, thinking being fish move around and it's usually a good fishing spot. Well, in a hour and a half, we caught zip and marked probably3. So much doing the same thing and expecting different results. OK, enough philosophy. Finally i said we're out of here to a better spot I usually do well, about 3 miles away. So up came the gear and off we went to set lines at 180' It wasn't 10 minutes before Ron hit a single line double, but we were able to net just one, the other getting off. Action remained steady and in two hours, we netted our 10th Laker. We needed that after the last trip. By the time we were headed home, the seas picked up with a little capping. Perfect timing.

4 May 24    After a fairly long period of poor fishing weather, Ron and I headed out to calm seas in search of. Well, I'll make this brief, we got skunked. Insult to injury was Gary P was out there and got 10, most before we got there when the bite was on. Not even a hit so after plying the ups and downs religiously, we decided to quit after 3 hours. Besides the water was 44 and the air 43 and the wind had picked up from the east. Hoodies were on and we decided to bunch it. It's been a long time since a skunk, and even then it's usually because of weather. Today, it was hard to find a good excuse except "we should have been there earlier."

6 May 24    Greetings folks. Finally a break in weather as Ron Mattson and I headed out in calm winds and water. We didn't go as far as usual and set lines at 135 FOW. It wasn't 15 minutes when Ron started with a single line double, followed by another on my rigger. Not long after, we missed 2, one was about 3' away from the net. So in half an hour we had 5 fish on, good start. And then the mistake of trolling away from the area and it got slow. We headed back and picked up two more. With another turn the calm waters and wind picked up with 10 mph from the east. I don't usually believe in the saying that when the wind is from the east, fish bit e the least... but it was true today. Mind you the forecast was for south winds at 5 mph. On our final leg we headed with the wind and waves, seeing an occasional white cap but it was still very fishable. We decided to pull the pin in 15 minutes and what often happens, we then caught two more. So we finished with 7 in 3.5 hours to a wonderful start. Pulling up to the dock the marina wind was at 13 mph, not uncommon but easy docking. BTW, only one dock is installed. WTF! And for more good news we didn't have a single goat rope on our shakedown run. Surprising eh!

17 May 24 My guest today was Ron Bissett, a neighbor. With a good forecast we were greeted by a fisherman friend Gary P. He is my bane as he's always coming in as I'm launching...and he always has his limit. He said it was best over 200'. Out we went in calm seas and stubborn me, started at 145', where were fished last time. They were gone of course, never marked anything. We pointed the boat towards a deeper area I knew well and once there in 210', a double. We struggled to get another an then another double. The Lakers were running a little larger then usual. So we wrapped it up in 3.5 hours with 5 nice Lakers. Just shortly before quitting, the wind picked up from the east and it started occasional capping. Fortunately, we were going with the wind and waves, but it was cold. Here's a picture or Ron wrestling a nice Laker on the Johnson rod, a new experience for him. Ron BIssett with Laker on Johnson rod

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